Infographics: What are they and how they help

As the term suggests, information presented in a graphical manner is termed as InfoGraphics. This is the new trend of the web world. There are lot of analysis done with various types of data gathered over a period of time. Presenting such data in merely Columns and Rows might not give the clear picture and trend.

This is where InfoGraphics play an important role. Not only it represents this data in charts and graphs, but also the layout of infographic is put in such a way to hold the interest of the reader in the matter. Often in between you will see some important facts and funny figures stating some trends about some unusual aspect which you might have never thought of.

Infographics Help

Some of the great websites sharing Infographic information which can prove useful are listed here:

1. DailyInfoGraphic


This website shares a new Infographic on a daily basis. This is one cool place to look for complex informations like trends being presented in a useful and understandable manner.

2. CoolInfoGraphics


This website present you with the latest and greatest InfoGraphics developed and shared in the web world. Keep an eye on this one to get the latest complex information in an understandable manner.

3. InfoGraphicsShowcase


Again this website aims at collection and sharing the best useful infographics on the web. These graphics present complex information quickly and clearly.

Have you visited any more website which portrays the infographics and shares it for normal users? Let me know about and I will update this list as applicable. Feel your favorite InfoGraphics website is not on the list, let me know and I will review and add it.