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Computer and Human Behaviour


All human life – it is work. In the process of working people are using these or other tools. All machines that man created so far, making it easy to physical labor. Dump truck freed from the heavy burden loader, backhoe digger replaced labor, one turn of the handle of a crane allowed the easy transfer of tens of tons of cargo.

How Machines Such as Computers Proceed for Commands

Cybernetic machines are designed to facilitate the mental work of man; they monitor the work of “mechanical assistants” and manage them. Computer Science is designed to help people in the field of thought.

But before you create the cybernetic machines, scientists had to study the laws by which man controls all sorts of machines and engines, in theory, to formulate these laws.

Cybernetics was the mathematical basis for the specific control of machines that are able to manage the work of other vehicles, machines and even entire plants. Cybernetics studies and justifies both the similarities and differences in the behavior of living organisms and automatic machines.

Behaviour of Cybernetic Machines and Human

At first glance, it seems that the total can be between machine and living organism? A living organism and a machine inherently different from each other. Inherent in a living organism, above all, self-renewal, the machine is in this sense is dead.

Yet between them there is a lot in common. It is common, especially in behavior at work, as living organisms, and cybernetic machines.
Let us follow the action of the seller and soda vending soda.

On a hot summer day to quench your thirst, you approach the seller of carbonated water and gave him the necessary coin. Seller glance assesses a coin and says that if you want to pop, it still lacks the same coin. After receiving the missing coin, he opens the tap and filling a glass. Then close the tap and offers you to take a glass of water.

A gun? How does he do?

You drop a coin into the hole. Automatic determines the weight, that if this coin. If one coin is passed on. Falling, she closes the electrical circuit of the electromagnet, connected to the lever. The lever opens a valve (tap) in sufficient time to fill the cup with water. When the glass is filled, valve automatically closes.

If you dropped a coin that does not meet the cost of a cup of water, the machine does not pour water.As you can see, the actions of the automaton are exactly the same as the vendor of carbonated water.

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